SUN-AGE is one of the leading companies in Italy as regards to the creation and supply of structures and brackets for photovoltaic systems.

We are specialists in finding the best installation for your roof because our solutions were born on the roofs of our home, our international patents have facilitated the installation to thousands of satisfied customers.

We save time and money by providing our ideas and our material, always ready in stock, to install your photovoltaic panels.

SUN-AGE is a constantly evolving, solid, professional and customer oriented company.


Patented Projects

Our patents were born on the roofs of our home, we have been creating fixing and mounting systems for over 12 years, following the customer in every step of the project, we are also specialists in NO DRILL, using our brackets and our special adhesives it is possible to install our products WITHOUT DRILLING the roof of your home. We supply brackets and fixing systems for photovoltaic with the highest competence and professionalism.

Hundreds of Products

Thousands of brackets and kilometers of profiles in stock always ready for delivery. We are among the major innovators and manufacturers in Italy of mounting and fixing structures for photovoltaics.

In SUN-AGE  you will find all the best solutions to mount photovoltaic panels on your roof in total safety and efficiency.

Our Staff

Prepared and also available for site inspections, prompt in giving ANSWER to any question and prepared in the field of PHOTOVOLTAIC

Design Service

“Complex Systems” on industrial roofs to obtain important savings, from flat roofs to dome roofs, we meet every need for your roof, for your industry or company. 

With us you can build your photovoltaic system and be followed from the project to the installation.


In few days we find solutions to design brackets, design systems, customized modifications for every possible request. We are specialist in solving also complicated situations or seemingly impossible situations.

A strong sensitivity towards cost

SUN-AGE prices are very competitive, without never lacking of quality and professionalism.

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